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After a bit more time to delve into that link, I once again wish to thank you for directing me to it.

I've been a hunter for over 50 years, and a CF benchrest competitor for 15. I've always thought airguns were "below" my skill level, mostly due to the limited range airguns provided.

This is interesting…..I'm beginning to develop an attitude that while CF rifle and airgun shooting are similar in form and desired result, they compare almost equally as to riding a motorcycle  does to driving a car. Completely different skill set, though the desired result is pretty much the same.

A 600 yard hit on a prairie dog ceased to amaze me years ago. But, today, a 30 yard hit on a golf ball is a worthwhile endeavor.

This is going to be fun. Thanks for providing a forum that's so welcoming and informative.

As an aside, I tried to join the first airgun forum that popped up on Google. Four days later, I'm still awaiting membership approval. I've kind of lost interest in that venue.


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