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Long Shot,

I'll be a happier camper when I get $1000+ worth of dies in my hands…..waiting for the mail is KILLING me!!!  And you're right, I am a happy camper!!!!

Tom Holland 

Field Target Tech 

They call me when my stuff is done. I drive the 30 +or- miles and pick up what ever I needed this time. 


Cliff  –  If you choose Corbin, here's something that no one seems to talk much about slugs. Seat depth. 

Once you have a press and dies, there's so many different bases and HP configurations to experiment with. 

Took 3 different HP pin designs and a of experimenting before I got the "perfect one" in .25 cal. 

I have 5 different bases and that gives me a lot of different options. Very important!  In my opinion. 

Slugs need to be set to just the right depth inside the barrel. Not deep enough can be very accurate with crazy flyers. 

Too deep. I mean if you feel resistance closing the bolt because it is forcing the slug past it's ideal depth. Terrible accuracy.

I've personally never had anything shoot accurately that was a "force fit" when closing the bolt in my guns. Even pellets.  

My 2 slug only guns bolts close with almost no feel of the slug. 

PCP's don't have an adjustable bolt for depth.

So the different bases can give you more options for the length / weight to get the right fit. 

I just thought this might be some info. to think about as you decide what you want.