Reply To: FX Radar



I just recieved mine today, and the size suprised me. No credibility at all….lol

Unfortunately, it's raining so I cant test yet as I'm suseptable to melting.

I did set it up some, and like all software created by children these days, I find the ergonomics lacking. But I'm old and set in my ways. You young people that grew up on cell phones, rather than real computers will probably like it :P

I did not like that you have to connect to the device to do anything. I thought the setting up of new profiles could be better implemented. I don't yet know why there is a place for scope height. Perhaps some ballistic feature will be revealed once I have data

Since I'm adverse to melting, I'll have to wait a couple hours before I can test.

If this ultra cute chrony performs like all the highly experienced, and unbiased reviewers (sales people) say, it will be just perfect for my needs. I wish it came in pink to match my Impact though. An oversight I'm sure.

The LabRadar was too powerful for my home range, and my hatred for optical chronys has grown to the point I actually dread using mine. I actually shot my Caldwell on purpose, multiple times, because of all the errors. The Comp Electric is better, but still a pain.

I do wish the FX had a DC power port, or better yet a USB port to use a battery pack.

I do have rechargeable batteries with a usb charger, but still would've been nice. I suspect the batteries will last a long time if you remember to turn off the unit, but I have the memory of a gnat, and am easily distracted by shiny things so I forget those sort of things often.

Someone posted that they wish the software was open source to add desired features, I concur. It would be awesome to have a linking program for this, strelock, some weather device, and whatever other cool programs.