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I just have a hard time believing the gun is produced in China after having my hands on this gun

Oakley, there is a different kinds of China made. Iphones are made in China. Can you really tell just by looking?
I can recommend you to get one of the Falcon Menace rifle scopes that are made in China for the UK company Falcon Optics. Other then being heavy, and heaving a stamp made in China you can’t say by looking at the glass or internals that they are made in China. Guys put them on .338 Lapua rifles, they track well and handle great amount of the abuse thrown in them. Why? Because the owner of Falcon Optics is not a cheap guy and pays the Chinese for Japanese lenses and quality components. Also those scopes are FFP and are spring airgun rated.

So it is not like the Chinese can’t make anything decent or good. I agree that some of the air rifles they export are a total junk build for pennies.