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I have a similar issue with my new .25 wildcat from straight shooters. I did not clean the barrel when I first got it, shot JSB exact king 25.39 grain and it was .25″ ctc @ 25 yards about 80 rounds through. Then when I put on 4 baffles the POI shifted low and to the left by an inch+ and the groups are not consistent.

So I guessed it was the baffles, and removed them and have it another set of shots. Still the same, not hitting what I was getting when I first got it. It’s about 1.25″ ctc at the same ranges with the same pellet of course.

Not sure what’s going on so I jumped online to see if there were any other experiencing this issue. I guess the next thing I will do is clean the barrel. But we are talking about under 100 rounds.

Shooting out to 50 yards when I first got it was pretty bad, talking about, 5-6″ easily. Makes me really wonder what’s going on.

If you guys have any tips please let me know.