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I do use a cart similar to yours. It's hauled out several elk and I'd really miss it and might think a little differently about shooting another elk if I didn't have it. Mine was call the Mule I believe and it had similar wheels like yours. I upgraded the wheels to Honda Trail 110 wheels and even kept the brake in tact. It's been a life saver. I have a bad habit of loaning it out to my coworkers and friends and as usual it'll comes back with something tore up. In November one of my co-workers borrowed it to take elk hunting. Upon returning it one day so another buddy could borrow it he was traveling toward my house, hit a cattle guard a little to fast I presume and the cart came out of the back of his truck and broke into several pieces. He was sick about it and offered to buy me another but I declined, bought some 1' thin wall steel tubing and fixed it a couple of weekends ago. All's good again now I just need a draw an elk tag. I'll get a couple of photos and post then in a couple of days.