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I have a generation 1 crown, and it did have some creep. I might had damaged the piston though, as I once did turn adjustment screw  the wrong way, with pressure in it.  

I bought a service kit, which turned out to be basically a new reg with the bigger washers, piston body, and all the O-rings. Even the reg did not fit my crown, the piston, and the new doomed tip adjustment screw, had the same dimensions as before. So after I changed the piston, and adjustment screw (seat) only, the creep was gone. So in my case the washers was not the reason for the creep in my gun, but maybe the old pointed seat, did not seal as good as the new doomed tip. The pressure do "creep" a few bars over night, but so do my wildcat with a huma reg, so I see it as normal. One or two dryfire on both guns gets them stable before the shooting session.