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I'm leaning in your direction Centercut in terms of feels good and delivers TKO.  However, many of the newer rifles have dial up HS and Reg adjustments to adjust for max power. The AMP Reg is a tool to that end. Like Bob said, "Max power without mods" . Bob has an AMP Reg and if he has the HS adjuster he can max tune his rifle. In fact, you could power tune for various pellets/slugs. Just wondering if you can return to a previous tune consistently and the wear and tear. Certainly crosses a new bridge. I think I'll wait awhile for my next PCP.

Agree…  We all say "flatter", but what is the real difference at 100 yards between 865 and 925 FPS with the 18.1 grain JSB? If sighted in at say 45 yards (my preferred sight in distance for the Cricket mini), how much drop do you save by going to the higher velocity? In the big scheme of things, the answer is "not much", or about an inch or two.  So instead of a 4 mil dot drop, you have a 3.5-ish mil dot drop.  At 100 yards that's approximately 1.8 inches.  So instead of 14.4 inches you have 12.6 inch drop.  Not really seeing the benefit of a "flatter" trajectory here, but that's IMHO only.  Also, it takes about 5 or 6 FPE to kill a ground squirrel, less for a pigeon. At 100 yards, the 18.1 shot at 865 FPS still have triple the amount of energy necessary for a clean kill.  So again, what's a few more FPE getting?   I have nothing against maxing out your speed and power. Is it cool? Yes. Is it kinda bad ass? Yup. Is it really necessary to be a successful varmint hunter? I think not…  ;)

Here's a photo of a ground squirrel head shot with the 18.1 JSB at 855 FPS muzzle velocity, distance of 98 yards. This is the exit wound… Its a little bloody due to the squirrel twitch and flop on loose dirt. You can see the entrance wound to the right at 2 o'clock if you look closely.