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Yep, accuracy trumps power every time.  I do realize that in order to shoot slugs if that's your thing, you need to crank up the power to gain accuracy. Also, if you want to shoot the .22 RD Monsters accurately, you need to crank up the power to gain accuracy. But what I sometimes don't understand is the quest for an extra 40 or 50 FPS in something like a "normal" .22 shooting JSB 18.1 pellets.

I'm pretty sure if I shoot at 860 to 870 FPS and am shooting around 30 FPE, its just as good for hunting or target shooting as if I had cranked it up to 910 to 915 FPS. I'm also thinking the squirrels won't know if the muzzle energy is 30 or 32 FPE, and that extra drop of an inch at 100 yards really doesn't mean much. Its the consistency that counts. Will the gun ALWAYS shoot the same holdover for a given distance? That's the question more than "can I get an extra couple of foot pounds out of the gun?"  If you can't hit the target, you can't kill the target… 

Shooting at 30 FPE gives me more shots, the gun feels better, like its in harmony, air isn't wasted, and its easier to cock since the HST isn't adjusted up as high, etc.  I'm speaking from my experience with the Cricket mini Carbine, but I'm sure its applicable to most other guns as well.  Nick and I both hit paintballs (0.68 inch diameter) consistently at 65 yards with our minis, and we both shoot around 865 (me) and 880 (Nick). Other than losing efficiency, and possibly accuracy, I don't know what the benefit of shooting at 915 FPS or higher would be? Both of us get approx. 70 shots per 250 bar fill. 

And remember that Ted won EBR a few years ago shooting his .25 Impact at approx. 835 FPS with the Mk2s… ;)