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Sorry to hear about the bad luck that you ran into with your rifle..  

I had a bit of bad luck with my Puncher Breaker a little while ago [notorious valve stem snapped]

I purchased through Pyramid Air also.  I e-mailed them, explained the issue to one rep, 
he transferred me to a 2nd rep, and she helped me handle the case / ticket – to get things taken care of.  

An RA# was immediately given, as was the info / address for Air Venturi – Their other department.. 

I shipped everything back to them, and within a week or so – minus transit time,  it was back in action! 

In the time between,  I had also inquired about a spare part – in case the same thing happened again 
but after the warranty period was up..  Not only did they let me know it was finally available / in stock, 
when I opened the box,  the spare part was hiding in there also!  I was really surprised, and a good way!  

PA / AV went above and beyond, and, even matched my 2-day shipping speed to get it back quicker..  

They're great people, and provide a fantastic service!  So try your best just to keep a cool head, 
and when communicating,  try to be as civil as possible!  

I'm currently in the retail / sales business,  so,  I know what it's like on both sides..  

Cool / Calm / Collected always works a LOT better in the long run!  

Best Of Luck!!  


Sam – 

PS:  I noticed that Eric Wilson jumped in already..  How cool!  This is what I'm talking about! 
E-Man to the rescue!  haha  Seriously though..  I'm sure everything will work out for the best..