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When I used to manufacture high end tattoo equipment and sell to confirmed artists and shops 'world-wide', 
Paypal was usually the most convenient way for everyone to conduct transactions..  There was never an issue..  
Until the One Time I had a guy from out of the USofA pay me via 'Friends & Family'…  
I didn't think anything of it..  I 'got paid', confirmed the address, shipped [USPS insured w/ tracking and export papers]
In the end,  the person filed some sort of a 'dispute' with Paypal, then even with proof,  the 'payment' disappeared.. 
Yup,  burned for about $700.00.  I had to fight with Paypal and the USPS Post Master, and still lost out in the end..  

Be Very Careful Using The Friends & Family Payment Method!  –  Just a friendly heads up!
As mentioned above,  the whole concept is – You send your cash to a Trusted Source ["Friend" / "Family"]
That said, there is no protection put in place whatsoever..  Hence why it isn't a great option for sales.. 
And they make that clear..  

Fast forward to now a days..  Well..  I use F&F quite a bit..
Especially on here – Since I'm Extremely careful now, and, I've only done transactions with 'confirmed' Great Members!! 
Awesome experiences on both sides, and that's the way it should be!  

If/When in doubt – Just pay / receive the normal way..  

The way I see it – I was burned by Paypal for that $700.00  So…. 
I'll eventually get it back by not giving up 3% to them using the usual method.. 
Wow,  that'd be an awful lot of transactions..  😃 


Sam –