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I am not what you would call a huge fan of intellectual property theft. On the flip side of that coin though is the fact that we've given Huben how many years again to finally sell a rifle that performs like it was advertised?…… and it still doesn't by many accounts. I really like Huben's valving concept, it is incredibly innovative and offers amazing performance potential, but Huben just doesn't seem to be going anywhere with it. And at this point they've also done so much to sour their own reputation the word Huben is almost inevitably followed by the sound of a groan. It sort of creates an internal clash of my ethical perspectives, because on the one hand a 1.5-2K$ gun which is often unreliable, inaccurate, and has less than nice furniture on it is less than thrilling, and doesn't create sentiments of warmth and gratitude to the company making it. On the other hand though their basic design is nothing short of revolutionary and so while I don't condone intellectual property theft I really would like to see it put in a gun which can actually perform and backed by a brand which has some real trust in it. 


On the third hand FX has brought an interchangeable barrel system to the world, which is also a pretty darn big deal, so if they just made an adapter which would allow the average user to put FX barrels in Huben guns some of their barrel woes at least might evaporate in the eyes of a skeptical public. 


I don't know what the point of this post was when I started typing it, and I'm not sure what its point is now. :/