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That’s not typical or at least it hasn’t been for me.   Very few shots in side 200 yards and all you care to take beyond 400 but they are really hard to hit at that distance.   Apparently they do learn if they have been shot at .   My hit percentage has never been better then about 30% .   

Yes, they absolutely learn. We were shooting from a truck rest, and as they got spooked, we would move another 100 yards or so into the town. Our hit rate was above average, and for a couple of reasons. We took our time with our shots and trying to read conditions. And, not to be a braggart, but we were both experienced bench rest shooters, and were shooting very good rifles with a lot of carefully handloaded ammo. Every 50 shots or so (shooting .223 and 22 PPC)  one would clean a barrel while the other shot; doesn't take long to foul a barrel under those conditions. We learned not to shoot the super high velocity stuff, as the barrel just heats up too quickly.  And I killed a good many inside 50 yards with a rimfire. 

I understand.  I had a buddy who was deadly on prairie dogs.  He had great equipment has a talented reloader and just a damned good shooter.  He could do two things which I have been not able to do.  Get his rifle and ammo shooting 1/2 moa and spot his shots consistently    

BUT it’s all he did.  Shoot in the morning and reload shells in the afternoon.   

I’m just an average shot and it’s difficult for me when they get out past about 300 yards.  My buddy could tag them out at 500 pretty regularly