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Meat Popsicle – let me guess, Bruce Willis, 5th Element?????  Do I get a prize?

I had some problems with pellet speed variations until I completely rebuilt the gun this winter.  Haven't had serious time on the chrony yet, but initial testing seems to show it's much tighter now.  I'll have more info, I hope, this weekend, now that I have air again.

In my case I blew the regulatory (personal stupidity) an rebuilt the regulator, but that didn't solve the problem.  It still had problems.  After quite a bit of research I found the Valve Seat was crushed and needed to be replaced.  I did the valve seat and all the related o-rings and now it seems problem solved.  We'll see this weekend.

I understand on the earlier Impacts (mine is 2 years old now) that the valve seats were an issue you needed to watch.  Once the valve seat goes, any consistency goes with the valve seat.  

Since I bought the gun used, and have no idea how it was used before me, that valve seat may have been the root of the problems from day 1 for me.  

To check the valve seat, first watch the Master Class videos, then look where you insert the magazine.  There's a chrome circle on the front of the magazine well.  There's a little chrome circle inside the big chrome circle.  If the little circle sticks out, the valve seat is bad.  Too easy a check not to do.

Good luck