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Sorry to read about your WC, bummer!

if you shoot 40 – 60 – even 80 yards you have a lot practical alternatives .. if you are shooting beyond 100 yards then your real accurate options are reduced specially on windy days, and then is when Slugs Excel, and slugs need (so far as testers are saying) speeds over 900 fps, and MOA accurate starting at 23gn (in the 0.22 case), but been better @ 26gn probably is why we are seeing several post of tweeking for more speed- Slugs are in beta test today, and info is confusing. In that case getting a new airgun that with more FPE for 0.22 is not worth it for slugs (at least in 0.22) if you are testing, you just add another variable (too many already).

Pushing the limits is what make us better! ;)