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So I learnt last night that if you really clean , and I mean really clean the barrel it takes 50 plus shots to come back on song . I had given a light clean after every use and that worked . Sunday I gave it a proper clean and this  I shan’t do again for sure !! I thought I had broken it !!! Took an age to get back to accurate !! She’s back now and working amazingly well , super accurate with the 25’s and 34’s which is great news . I want to get out this weekend some time and push the distances a bit assuming this wind goes away . 


So far … so good 👍



Yip, this is my experience too. Some barrels don’t like to be cleaned at all! I’ve found that my 12 groove LW and CZ barrels have to be cleaned regularly, but my Poly and STX barrels prefer to be left “dirty”. They take about 100 shots to be broken in from new, and then just get better and better the more shots are put through them. I think in the beginning the lead tends to stick to the micro-cracks in the steel, but the more they are used the more the cracks smooth out until the barrels don’t foul up at all anymore.

I haven’t had extensive experience with my Poly barrels (I don’t shoot them much because they are very pellet fussy) but I can tell you that my STX barrels (which are also a form of Poly barrel) don’t foul up at ALL after around 100 shots, even when shooting slugs. Each successive shot cleans out any loose lead.

Conventional rifling on the other hand is very prone to fouling issues, especially the 12 groove LW because the grooves are significantly deeper than the pellet diameter, so any lead that gets lodged in the grooves it stays there.