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@steve-l, I also shot 3-gun, IPSC, and IDPA, so manipulating weapons is second nature to me. But I don’t assume others can’t shoot as well. But you’ll appreciate this last night at the dairy I was shooting through jagged ports in the buildings side into the structure. Shot six rats by squatting and taking shot at them as they milled around the entrance of a cave a cat could go into. Felt like a course of fire at a match. The lil gun lends itself to being punched through small spaces and lets me take shots at angles I couldn’t with my rifle. Best regards.

I'm not assuming anything. I have witnessed the terrible handgun skills by the general public and many professionals personally. It's shocking and scary. All you have to do to witness this yourself is to go to a public range and watch. After that, then ask yourself how many folks own handguns and never go to a range. If you have shot handguns competitively, then I don't have to tell you that handgun skill is perishable without continuous practice. 

In regards to your pesting experience, I agree this pistol works superbly. This is exactly where iron sights are superior over other sight systems. Low light, wide field of view and fast target acquisition, but of course this requires very good iron sight skills and that's the real advantage this pistol has. Those skills are achievable at low cost..