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+1 for the Benjamin NP.  Im sure there are several other guns that are equal in quality for the same money.  I am very new to this too.  I've been shooting and hunting with rifles and pistols for over 30 years. But, I am just getting into the airgun hobby within the past few months.

My Benjamin shoots 20 shots in a dime size hole at 25 yards, with just the cheap trigger mod and the right pellets. I know there are much better guns out there but I am very pleased with this nitro piston ($140 on amazon)

There is so much to enjoy about air gunning.  I shoot more and shoot more often.  Range, wind, pellet weight and shooting form are critical. I know I will be a better shot with my powder burners but have no desire to shoot them when I can grab a tin of pellets and shoot as much as I want in an evening for less than $5.

Good luck with you decision!