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I went through the same problem when I first got my Gauntlet, and I believe (99% sure) that they are similar. 


The FKM listed, is viton.  So you want a viton(FKM) with a 75 hardness rating, i.d. 1.42, o.d. 3.68, w.d. 1.52  Silicone them up and use an arrow nock to slide them on.

I really wish someone had come forward and told me that originally, that is why I keep editing this post to get it right. I have been in your shoes, and it is a real pain. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply. Last evening, when I ordered the metric o-rings that I described for the .177 QB, I also ordered o-rings for my Seneca Aspen/Nova Freedom bolt. When I bought the Aspen in January, it came with spare bolt o-rings (takes two). I carefully measured those spare rings with my digital calipers, and they were virtually the same dimensions as the -005 o-ring. So, I ordered those as well. To help in matching o-rings, a web search will find charts with dimensions of standard or metric o-rings – all expressed as metric measure, plus fractional inches, plus decimal inches. My several recent o-ring purchases have been on Ebay, where one seller has excellent prices, with automatic flat rate shipping for $3 when you put one or several different items in your cart.