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Crown owner here. I run a variety of instruments and software to predict poi. Name of my game is cold bore hits and I tend to get them. I will see tiny (we are talking .2 mils or less) poi shifts changing between my moderators. When stuff gets far off, cleaning is the first thing to check. 


Other things are consistent hold. How you grip the rifle matters, probably even moreso on the impact than the Crown. 


the easiest diagnostic is to do a split whether this is a problem with the rifle, or what we in the industry call an operator headspacing issue (you). Get a friend who can shoot his own rifle absolutely lights out, and put him behind this rifle and see if he will put rounds into the same three holes you do. This way you can tell whether it's a problem with you or a problem with the gun.


I realize it is rude to suggest you may be the source of the problem, but I genuinely mean no offense. Usually with precision rifles the weakest link, the least consistent part, is the meat popsicle behind the scope. :/ Given that the rifle "seems" to be going back and forth between shooting and not, the first thing to check in my eyes is the shooter. God knows shooting is a head game and I have psyched myself out until I couldn't shoot worth a damn. So I hope this is a helpful step to take. :) 

Beyond this when doing Diagnostics I always try to break down systems into large categories and eliminate them one by one to try and narrow down the source of the issue.