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"Good" is completely up to each individual's assessment; and, there are several categories  (break barrel, PCP, and Under lever/side lever) that each contain some great options. 


As already stated, determine your "need" and combine that with your wants (price, accuracy, components, mfg origin, etc.) and limits (scoped or not, weight constraints, safety concerns, etc). This is typically a very friendly forum that offers excellent yet varied opinions (from people who seem to have just way too many guns [how will I ever catch up :)]. 


Lastly, the range of your intended shots must play a large roll in the decision making process. Typically, the longer the range needed, the more moolah one must shell out; but, as I've learned, there's satisfactory compromises to be had (along with cost, weight, components, accessories). 


Look forward to hearing what you decide to do.