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@drocean, POI shift is definitely not normal from my experience. I have an FX Impact X 700mm (gen 3) in 25 cal with more than 7500 34gr JSB MK2 pellets thru it. The only time the POI shifted on me was when I removed, cleaned and reinstalled the barrel. In 7500 rounds, I have cleaned the barrel only once, after it had 5000 shots thru it. 

Did you check the breech o-ring? If it was leaking air, the pellet speed will be erratic and that will cause a POI change as the breech o-ring seats differently with every shot. A few more things to check:

1) make sure barrel retention screw is tight

2) make sure pellet probe set screw is tight

3) make sure barrel shroud and moderator is on tight

4) try single loading without magazine