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I have the .22 Dreamline and a .25 R5M. Build wise, the edgun feels like it is built from two Dreamlines. It is a tank as they say.  They are different enough for I to keep and use. Basically, to appreciate an example from each manufacturer and enjoy shooting them. 

They both do their job well. Shoot. My Dreamline so far is shooting with tighter velocities. The difference is small though and it can be due to pellet to pellet weight variances. 

IMO, many of today’s pcps are very comparable especially ones in the same cost range.  It was not like that back in days. In my experience I once bought a Daystate that today a marauader would our shoot. The price difference was over a grand in todays economy. 

I also own one of the first impacts in .25 cal. A nice gun but it would not shoot well for me. Velocities varied more than my liking and it showed when I shot for groups. I didn’t want to spend much time or cash on it so I got rid of it. I like to tinker but not on the impact. On a plus, it is built very solidly and one thing that I liked that the Dreamline (yet) and r don’t offer is a bottle to swap on the fly. 

I would buy a gun from a reputable dealer. I think that is the most important factor buying a gun nowadays. 

I hope this helps you.