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Are these 3D printed as a single piece, or is each one an assembly of parts? I'm just trying to get a gauge of what is going on here, if it is just playing games with flow, or if sound damping materials may also be in there and contributing? It is funny timing, as I've embarked on my own project to try and improve the Leshiy's moderator core myself, and so seeing these I can't help but wonder how they went about it. Clearly there are some flow-through elements there acting to vent directly from the blast chamber and first baffle to the distal ports ringing the muzzle end. Any guesses what material they were printed from? PLA? ABS? Something better? 


I'm always prepared to eat some humble pie, however looking at the stock Leshiy insert I figured improving upon it should be pretty easy. One of these might be more challenging to match. Still I'm game to try. ;) 

The website says they're printed from ABS. That is what happens if you post before fully researching, you look silly. :P