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I shot my first time with the gun this morning with Jim and my first impressions with the gun is…It's ok. Not great but not bad either. I was shooting the 72 grain Spitzers at 1002 fps and was getting about an inch at 50 yards and 2 inches at 100 yards. Filled the tank to 200 bar and shot the gun down to about 160 until the bullets really started to drop which was about 7 to 8 shots.

I know there is plenty of potential in this gun. I just need time to test each type of bullet I got for it. I only shot one type this time around.

The trigger was not great but not bad either. The length doesn't bother me but how thin the gun is does bother me. I understand why everyone puts a stock on it because the gun feels flimsy. It needs some meat on the gun. Just imagine shouldering your broomstick. not much difference.

Resting my check on the tank didn't bother me at all and was comfortable shooting the gun. The part I hated on the gun was the butt end of the gun. The part acting as a butt plate is very uncomfortable to rest a sandbag on. A stock would make this gun much better to shoot for sure.

The emperor made shooting the gun very enjoyable to shoot. Jim was saying the gun wasn't much louder then his .25 mrod.