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Given the 'budget' criteria… Do you truly need NV or would a laser flashlight work? Depends what yu are doing with it. The laser flashlight works well for me. I like green, but everyone tells me red is better. I tried once, it wasn't for me. I can spot small critters all the way to deer (I don't shoot deer but I might shoot into the ground way off to the side to scare them). The 'flashlights ' are adjustable. fine focus (like a laser sight) vs wide dispersion. and easy to mount on top or to the side of a scope. 

I spent $2000 on my Impact, $1350 on my hatsan compressor, $650 on my mtc scope, $150 on night vision range finder, $350 on a 74cf tank. $100 on gold filter. $100 on ammo. All this within the last month. So yeah I'm on a budget now. Wife ain't happy lol. So really need something affordable, under $150 is possible. I don't like laser actually. I'm looking for a NV device to help me see through my mtc scope at night for night hunting.

That's what a laser flashlight is for. Not saying it suits your need but it kinda does what you describe, just not true NV. Don't think laser pointer… I don't want to tie things up and it won't be until tomorrow, but I'll at least post or PM an example.