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Definitely not normal, but fixable, you need to find the problem, one of them can be the orings that holds the barrel (but it might not).

When I have something that I can not explain, i took my gun apart and check everything, usually works for me.

So you have an impact and have experienced poi shifts but not all too frequently? My “harmonic” rings are in place. I haven’t removed the sleeve in a couple of weeks (since I got it shooting well) so I wouldn’t expect this to be the issue. I did remove the can so that it would fit into the case and traveled with it. Put the can on and it was a little low. So two clicks up and it was on but less consistent. Traveled back home. It was off again. One click low. So up a click and on. Then off again. Then all over the place. Chrony readings still the same. Avg velocity same, es, sd all superb. So it’s not the regulator. 


If there’s anyone out who is very familiar with this gun who wouldn’t mind chatting with me over the phone about it, pm me. I don’t mind a poi shift occasionally, especially if an oring wears out or a general maintenance issue arises. But inconsistent groupings hourly/daily/weekly seems wrong. It just can’t have more down time then working time. I really thought I had it sorted for a while. Surely there’s something simple I need to watch for that I don’t know to check for.