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Edosan, I'm still getting there. I realize this is a lot of information and not really the best way to share it with everyone. For that I'm sorry, I wish I knew a better way to share it with you. I suggest looking at the targets with the best groups or a slug you're familiar with and then looking at my notes to see at which velocity the slug was shot. There are quite a few groups that were 3/8"-1/2" at 50yds with a flier here or there. Those are really good groups with slugs! If I could take a flier away from each group, some of these groups would be phenomenal for hunting! I still have a lot of work to do to get it dialed in.

What I have found is that there is a lot more to the results than just the slug weight, there is more to it than that.. When I first started testing the slugs, it looked like the slugs on the lighter side(25.4-28gr.) were shooting best. However, as I progressed I found the slugs in the 30-32.8gr range and the 35gr. with the flat base or slightly curved base were shooting best. The shape of hollow point effected accuracy too. The large hollow points are shooting better than the small ones. Why, I don't know. So you see, it's not just the weight that effects accuracy, it's also the base, the tip and the velocity. That's why I have so much more testing, there are so many variables. After I started to dial things in a bit, I got a hold of D-Rig. He made me a whole bunch of slugs in the weight range I found to work best, between 30-32.8gr. Each of those slugs were made with the large hollow point, and up to three different bases per slug weight to try and dial it in even further. 

So far, the 35gr. FB-LHP @ about 875fps is shooting exceptionally well. The 32DB @ about 900fps is great! The 31.5DB at just over 900fps is shooting very well. The 31.5FB at about 890fps is shooting very well. The 31FB at about 905fps shoots really well too. Check these ones out to start. They all show great promise! I'm going to focus on the 30gr-32.8gr and the 35gr. slugs with a large hollow point and either a flat, slightly  dished base. Of course I will share when I have some more information. Again, I am sorry I couldn't share all of this information in a easier manner.

LOU- All of the abbreviations are Dale's. He puts those on the bag before he sends them to me to keep track of which, base and tip they're made with. This is the 1:21 twist slug liner in .25cal. shot out of my FX Crown with the 2018 power tune kit installed. Below are a couple of pictures of the best shooting slugs. Either a flat base or modified flat base with a large hollow point and weights ranging from 31.5gr to 35gr. Hope this helps. Stoti