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I was experiencing the same initial low velocity shots, that would increase after a shot or two as well.  I think that the initial low velocity shots are due to the valve rod and hammer and spring portion of the gun needing to "warm up" to being cycled because it needs lubed to be constent, and needing a touch more hammer weight to overcome valve creep.   Try cleaning and greasing those portions of the gun and o-rings to see it it helps clear it up.  When I cleaned the rod, springs and valve I added about 6 grams of brass hammer weight that which also added 1.5mm of spring preload.  I also opened up my valve seat to 6mm and ported the transfer port/pellet probe area so my  shot spreads are very consistent now, (gaining 40+ FPS in the process), but because of this my results are skewed as I didn't do just one thing then test, so your results my vary.