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It's normal I believe. And you aren't the only one. I see a lot of others have the same issue. I also have the Impact x 600mm. My reg is about 140. Few hours to overnight it creep maybe 5-6 bars. But it effect the fps. I tested over my chrony. Heavy 33.95 shooting 850-865 on the reg. But leave for few hour or overnight. It will shoot low 820, then 2nd shot will shoot 830, then back to 850+. I don't think you can do anything about it. I took the reg out, clean it and lub it and it still does the same thing. I suggest upgrade to a huma reg for $90 or just leave it. Don't try to fix it, you could break it even more. If you don't want to upgrade to a huma, just shoot 1-2 shots before you go out hunting or shooting.