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I'm pretty sure the zeroing offset has to do with when you can't get an absolute zero on the turret.

Like when your shot is high and you dial one click down and then your shot is low.  So you need a half click……I think that's what the offset is for.

As far as wind while your zeroing, how about dial for the wind according to Strelok, but then zero out the turret when your done zeroing.  This way your always working from a zeroed turret, as if you zeroed with no wind?

I don't follow you… if I zeroed with an 8 mph wind, then I'm on my zero with an 8 mph wind, and I don't want to dial in any wind correction according to Strelok Pro for an 8 mph wind, or I'll go off my zero, regardless of where the turret reads zero (although I did zero the turret caps once I had zeroed the scope).  The problem seems to be that Strelok seems to believe I had no wind when I zeroed.  Without using the Zero Offset value, I see no way to tell Strelok I have already zeroed out that 8 mph wind.  I would also think you could still further adjust the offset value by any amount required to adjust for falling between clicks, as the total offset would be cumulative. For example, you could offset by -0.7 MRAD for the wind during the zeroing, then by +0.05 for the fall between clicks, for a total offset input of -0.65.

My guess is most people zero in no wind conditions, but sometimes you can't.  I'll re-zero as soon as I can in no wind conditions and make this all a mute point, but it's a good understanding to have.