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I got a kick reading the replies to my previous post on this thread. The real reason most people use scopes, stocks and other band-aids with pistols is that they can't shoot a hand gun worth a shit. I know this sounds condescending, but it is never the less true. In my earlier years I shot pistols competitively in many disciplines and I did it internationally as well. I also shot with many police departments. Most cops are terrible. Most cops are stressed to shoot a 12" circle freehand at 10'. I had a very good German friend that I used to shoot with 30 years ago. He was excellent, much better than I was and he said to me that if you were serious about shooting a handgun with iron sights well, you must be prepared to shoot a minimum of 10,000 rounds a year. Time has proved his advice true and it is the primary reason why most cops can't shoot well. Consider the cost of shooting 10,000 rounds a year, even if you reload, as I did. You spend every minute of your free time either shooting or pulling the handle on your Dillon bullet press  I haven't yet mention the cost of ammunition. It is thousands of dollars in bullets, powder and primers. .Yet, every handgun you see in gun stores come with iron sights. I think it is scary.

So, that said, the real value of the P700S-A is its balance and feel in replicating a real PB pistol. It feels to me the same as a Thompson contender, which I used to shoot in Metallic Silhouette years ago in the wildcat 7mm Rem. cartridge and it's affordable. I have no trouble shooting 100 pellets a day every day. Once you overcome the initial expense of PCP with tanks, bottles, whips and compressor, you're golden. Now the iron sights it comes with are crap and are only adjustable in windage, but if you are serious about becoming a proficient handgun shooter, this pistol is the hot set-up.

Oh, I forgot another attribute this pistol has. It's accurate. You, as a shooter,must know between your ears that when you miss, it your fault, not the gun's and with this pistol, you can take it to the bank.