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Also you mentioned you want to tune for efficiency, that’s a different tune that for power, and you started by increasing the reg pressure. I agree 100% with Rj, find your pellet, then start tuning. Also it depends for your application.

I’ve seen almost everyone that gets the Liberty, at least in the forum, wanting more power. Have you seen my video on the shotstring? I don’t know if I’ll change the setting on mine. I’m having really good speed as is and shot count. My application will be hunting, if you are plinking then at what distance you want to plink? Some pellets will do better beyond 50 yards than others and past 50 yards you will need the power increase, but for example I know that the CPHP suffer in accuracy if pushed too fast. Slugs on the other hand needs to pused fast,at around 900. 

Hope this helps, there are a lot of variables here, and that’s what makes this interesting, everyone has a different goal, find yours and have fun trying to achieve the best results.