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So, where do I start? I got hit with a bit of good luck this past week, that’s just escalated into more good luck. Let’s start with day 1:

Early last week I solidified a deal with a seller here on the AGN classifieds for my first ever FX gun. I swore that one of those was out of my reach, and although I’m happy with my mid priced marauder and Hatsan Bully, an FX was always “calling my name- AAAUUUUGGGIIIEEE!!!!”


so so I truly lucked out, and met this great guy on AGN, who agreed to hold the gun(an FX Wildcat MK2 in 30?cal- oh boy!) till wifey got home in a few minutes. Wifey says yes to the buy😲😲👍👍, so as I told her I was gonna call back the seller to arrange shipment, she says “shipment?? Go pick it up!!”


now mind you, that’s a 10 hour drive, which I explained to my wife. She says “so what?! Go and enjoy yourself. You worked 32 years and you’re finally retired, this is your hobby, go take a road trip and just enjoy yourself!” I called the seller back and told him my plans!


next day she got on, mapped out my path, and scored me three new guts in hotels. 3 nights? For 10 hour drive? Yes, with my back surgery fusion from last year, it’s tough for me anymore to take long hauls. So she mapped it out where the longest I’d be on the road would be 6 hours, then hotel.


From the foothills in CA it’s 1-5 all the way. Well, I have to go see the legends at JSAR, right? So today is day one of three on my journey. I got to meet both Matt’s, Jacob the owner, and Mr Marauder himself, Travis Whitney. 

I came unexpected, on a work day(for them) and I’m quick to see if I’m overstepping my visit to anyone. So I kept apologizing for taking their time. Matt(silentmatt on the forums) took the time to show me the place, and unboxed every FX they had on hand(brand new, fresh out of the box) and let me handle them!! You Impact guys? For the longest time I always wondered what the big deal was, but now I see! What an awesome gun!! Same with the Crown and Dreamline!!!

Travis? That guy is amazing, as he showed me his “testing and repair room”, along with a prototype of something that he’s concocting. Got to use that new breech lever they designed for the marauder, and then Matt took me for a tour of their machine shop! How cool is that?

come to find out, they manufacture two cool parts for the Wildcat, so I bought them, and the owner Jacob simplified the purchase for me and also gave me some show and tell!!

So after the purchase I walked out to my truck, shot the breeze with Travis for a bit, and off to Klamath for my first hotel stay. Currently as I’m typing this, I’m having a corona and a shot of blanco pedrone to help slowly come down from cloud 9! Tomorrow is another venture, as I go pick up the Wildcat!


Stay tuned!!

It seemed to me that I was reading a script for a good movie :) I am very happy for you, I hope you will never again have any health problems and be happy :)