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I love my .257 Texan. It is accurate, powerful and quiet with the Clague Suppressor. I sight in to 100 yards and have a mildot cheat sheet for closer and further distances.

A cautionary tale: be religious about cleaning your barrel. I get about 50 shots before it’s time to clean. Go beyond that and you’ll get leading. 

I use a 4 hole Arsenal 257420 mold and cast in pure lead. I’m experimenting with lubing the bullets. Not sure if they are happier with RC silicone shock oil or Tungsten Disulfide. The latter makes the bullets so slick they are hard to pickup. 

I just bought a rifle here called a .257 Citrus and holy cow Batman that thing FLINGS the lead at 3600 psi. I have only shot a dozen shots but the kick and noise is quite substantial. More on this after I get quality time and and some chrony and accuracy results.