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Its been snowing again here, so, I stayed inside, and re-did my range.. 
Introducing . . . Indoor Shooting Backstop Version 2.0 
I figured I'd show you guys before it gets riddled with pellets!  🤣 

My view:  10m distance from the barrel to the backstop / target.

Dimensions:  2 Ft-Wide X 3 Ft-Height,  and now 2 1/4 In Thick..
2 full layers of 3/4 In thick Rubber Stall Mat + 1 Removable 'Mini' Mat.
I think that'll help a bit with pellets loading up and with cleaning / replacing..

Annnd the shooting room:  [From the 1/2 way point]

I'm waiting for a few more components / materials to ship.. 
The backstop is Heavy – So I have two different mounting methods.. 
I need to secure it either way.
1 – Raise it up, stand it on top of the baseboard, then secure it to the wall. 
2 – Same, but, mount it with door hinges at the top, so it can fold upward.. 
*Add a 'leg', and it would double as a 'table' to hold other targets* 
I've made a few collapsible benches/tables that way, and they work great. 

I have a really heavy pellet trap and a knock down resettable rat,  
Both need a very solid base, and the bar-stool just wasn't cutting it..
Still dreaming..  


Sam –