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I hear what’s being said regarding LW barrels, and understand the experience gained in testing both LW and the FX barrels, both ST and STX. However, statistically based on the input above, I should have gotten at least a couple bad barrels in the 9 or 10 I’ve had in the past couple of years.  But each one I’ve owned has shot into a penny at 50 yards, and half have shot into a dime. Brocock, Daystate, EDGun, Cricket, RAW to name a few. So either I’m the luckiest shooter in the world, or maybe LW’s QC problem isn’t as bad as reported? Not saying that there isn’t a problem, I just haven’t experienced it… PS., I have some FX also, and their accuracy both ST and STX is excellent, but no better than my LW barreled guns’.