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It's maybe a late interaction on this topic, but I'll share my quick comments on the Zbroia Brand l ( Kozak & Hortitsia )that might interest many of you… take your time to read it and share you experiences…

Zbroia airguns are overall great guns with many decent features it has pros and cons like every brand in the market.

What attracted me at the 1st glance like most of the lads here is its price which is affordable for a well designed pcp compared to those available in the market.

Its Balance in Hand, its Lightweight, stock color (the Greyish Black ) the Adjustable cheek rest, the rubber butt pad, the Adjustable light trigger, security knob, the Anti Double Loading system , the smooth side cocking lever…

THE ACCURACY is flawless on these guns in both .177 and .22 cal (330mm & 450mm Factory Barrels) tested with a variety of Unsorted pellets from H&N & JSB.

REG CONSISTENTCY is absolutely amazing with a very close spread and a superb SD of 1.3 to 1.7 per string of 50 shots.

The Sound Level with their stock shroud/silencer is acceptable but it can be suppressed to make it more silent by simply adding 1/2 UNF threaded moderator/ silencer when removing the thread protector unit at the end of its shroud.

Wika Manometer are installed.

The pistol grip on the Kozak is very convenient and will let you hold comfortably the gun.

Robust build and user friendly for amateurs and pros.

Some of the things that needs to be improved in my opinion:

The most important thing is the Air Consumption per shot which is around 3.5 to 4 bar per shot in .22 caliber velocity 800fps – 16grain – Reg Pressure set 120 Bar.

3 bar per shot in .177 at 820fps – 10.65grain reg Pressure at 95bar  ( i will open a New Topic related to this particular thing) i guess modifying the HST spring by making it shorter will do the job ( not tested yet )

HST adjuster steps/spring not controlled and unpredictable when adjusting the velocity.

Longer scope rail is needed which ZBROIA has newly introduced ( the current one is short )

A Hex driver hole on the trigger guard to reach the Hex screw when disassembling the Stock ( in Hortitsia )

Cocking arm will get bit loose with time but thanks to the Magnet that holds it in place.

Reg piston is made from Plastic/ Nylon which might wear with after several adjustment.

Overall, the gun needs some tiny improvements but its still the perfect Choice (quality/ feature & Price) However its the flawless Gun out of the box with a superb accuracy that i highly recommend.

It would perfect to share your comments, thoughts & experiences…

Here some picture attached

                    CHEERS FROM LEBANON