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Seems to me the advancement is in the ammo. We are seeing more and more bullet like projectiles. FX has that smooth twist barrel and sleve system. Barrels designed to shoot bullet like projectiles.The Diabolo shape was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The shape causes a fair amount of drag, which stabilizes the projectile. Making it more accurate.That limits its range. So now what. Make the projectile go faster to increase range. The problem is the projectile can only go so fast. It must remain sub sonic to have any accuracy. The diabolo shape has been regarded as having the best ballistic coefficientcy. It only keeps that efficiency in spin sonic flight. Even at super sonic speeds it slows down so fast the sonic boom it creates eventually over runs the projectile, and causes it to tumble. A boat tail projectile has an even greater ballistic coefficientcy, and will fly much better at super sonic speeds. So it would only make sense to peruse a different shape and velocity range. Lots of people, even on this forum have stated bullet shape projectiles travel flatter and longer in general, and seem to carry more energy to the target. 

I do not have much knowledge about ammo but I feel there is nothing to complain about the accuracy that the ammo are available on the market. Recently, slugs are of great interest, I think JSB is also studying it, how to make it most effective. I also know that a Chinese person has created a type of mold called H.MHEN very accurately, and surprisingly, it defeated big names like JSB.