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@t3pranch, I was up late last night and came across a few YT videos – one was a dude "UpNorthAirgunner" who had a Talon SS as the "base" for a build that looked almost identical to that one, that he modded with a similar barrel, identical stock, and mostly stock ring lock valve work / larger top hat. Super cool, but man – the chrono numbers don't seem to be very consistent.

I watched some other videos from another guy's channel that I'm sure some have one across before "shooter1721". This guy has a Texan that is reaching out pretty damned far (1000-1108y). At 1000y, I'd say his groups were probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 30" – he was using a table and a gun vise though, so I suppose that all folds back to what was said above about the gun being more like an artillery cannon at that range.

Now here's where I'm not real clear with these AirForce guns, are they only regulated with an external man in the middle type regulator (that would have to be tethered to the air cylinder) to get regulated pressure for each shot? If so, I'd probably want to lean more towards something with a larger, integrated reg instead of having to rely on an external reg. Here's my use case – hunting mountain goats in rough terrain. I'd want at minimum 4 long range, consistent shots with a lot of punch. I'd want to be able to scale the terrain without a big air tank (and table + vise obviously).