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I don't mean to be critical of anyone's hunting ethics. Almost any weapon can kill a deer humanely with precise placement. We are talking here about an amount of energy that is analogous to a  HV .22 rimfire, and most every animal on the planet has been killed with a .22 rimfire. But, I've also seen squirrels drag themselves away after multiple hits with a .22……squirrels.  

I suggest that the more relevant question may be not the minimum amount of energy than may result in humane kills, but rather the minimum amount required for consistent kills assuming a reasonable error in shot placement. I'm not the best shot in the world, but I'm very experienced, and I think I have a good understanding of the things that can go slightly wrong, and affect a precise shot placement. I'm not suggesting that one should carry a .300 Win mag for whitetail, and I acknowledge that shot placement is far more important that power. But, IMO, a reasonable amount of power is prudent to offer an acceptable margin for error. The hunter here displayed exactly the way the available power can be used effectively, and I congratulate the results. But if a group of experienced air gunners were given identical weapons and placed in productive deer stands, I fear the overall results would be disappointing.