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  I blame all the soy lattes these wussies guzzle down. Don't worry keep triggering them and stick to your logos and I swear to you we will take America back from the corporate globalist pukefest that is subverting our rights one slow motion head shot at at time. My 6 year old daughter Marilyn and I watch your videos together and she is excited yo learn how to hunt now. I just took her shooting with her savage rascal and she was patient and listened like I have never seen and started hitting targets after the 2nd shot. You helped me put that spark in her and she will teach her kids etc… Even if they never let you on the whole of the internet ever again stories would be told around the campfire in excited whispers by children for decades about the epic squirrel invasion of 2019 and the man and his leshey who stopped it. Ill be sure to buy from you guys again. God bless