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There are so many directions you can go with a Prod. Without putting a regulator in it, you can go from a one magazine wonder cannnon to a 5 magazine target gun. I personally like a 3 magazine gun with decent power. Three mags is easy to remember for refilling the gun and more than 20 shots is a nice shooting session. Your not constantly running to the pump. If I want to shoot 18gr pellets over 800fps, I have other guns that do that without breaking a sweat. There is a standard gun best tune out there. There are videos and I am sure guys have posted it on forums. I used it for a while. YouTube “Tuning Maurader pistol” is like 7 turns on the spring, 1 turn out on the hammer throw. It’s a good tune, almost 700fps with a 14.3gr pellet. I think the fill pressure is 2,800. Which brings me to the last thing. If you watch the video n2stuff posted a link to, that guy in the videos fill pressure is too high. He is wasting effort and shots until his gun gets in the sweet spot. Lots to learn. I have a box of big springs and giant transfer ports that were a waste of money. I use a 140 TP, SS valve and my own SSG and spring for 765-785fps for 20 shots. I got tired of messing with it but I hope to get a 750fps for 24 shot tune when I feel like messing with the gun again.