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Sounds like everyones Yong Heng is working great for them. Mine work ok. But won't not fill past 4000 psi. When it got the 4000 psi it slowly or don't even move at all. So upgrade to the hatsan lighting. Much more quiet and fill faster imo.  What's nice is no more carrying that 5 gallon bucket around and having hose hanging out. Plus auto purge is nice. Don't have to keep watching every 5 mins to Bleed. Set it and let it do the job.

My Yong Heng compressor works beautifully and I timed the flow rate to be 39L per minute. My setup which over filters the air cost me $729 with a 3L tank that charges from 0 pressure to 4500 PSI in 20 minutes. I never have a need to bleed the compressor every 5 minutes. I just set the pressure level I want and let it fill the tank, put the tank in its shoulder bag and I’m set for a day or two.  It sounds like you either got a bad one or a not so good clone.