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So AA does make alu. cylinders, but so far as I'm aware they only are on the TC (twin cylinder) models. I like the classy element it adds, however my fear was never corrosion forming on the outside, but corrosion forming on the INSIDE of the tube where I couldn't see it. *shrug* My S510 was always a real tack driver, still is, although the lack of a reg limits just how far out you'll be doing said tack driving. :( It was a great gun for its era though. 

I didn't know they made any aluminum cylinders but have never looked into the TC model.  Yes I think the s510 will always be a great gun for sure.  The blued cylinder doesn't bother me really but I just think the gun would benefit (in the future) with a larger OD aluminum cylinder something like the streamline.  They could regulate it and use a gauge on the end w/ fill probe like the one Huma sells and keep the original gauge where it is to read reg pressure.



Hey Bob, did you have the US that came with a Q-tec moderator?  If so do you think it worked well?  I have a 30fpe .22 S510 tdr and to be honest it isn't that quiet.  Fine for me but I bet most wouldn't consider it backyard friendly.

No, just the shroud.  I bought a DonnyFL adapter and used a Tanto and Sumo on it……very quiet.

Thanks, I think I might try a Tanto.  I bet it will be quieter than the pringles can that Air Arms calls Q-tec😆  If you look inside the Q-tec it is so stuffed up with internals that there isn't any volume left in there.  8" long and I bet the the 5" Tanto has more space inside for the air to expand.