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Think about this. What if all credit card processing companies decided that you could not purchases firearmes/airguns/ammo/pellets. Not saying that this is going to happen but… Anyway, I read to much conspiracy theory garbage. One of them I recall reading was about the whole ban on guns thing. That was one crazy theory. It starts to get scary when you see it start to actually happen. Sure this would not be some overnight thing but in that crazy theory it could make purchasing items for our hobby very difficult. Good thing there is cash for now.  

I've been using PayPal since 2002.
A few years ago,  I signed up for Amazon, then Prime.. 
I found out real fast that I couldn't use PayPal to pay for Amazon purchases..
Why?  Most likely conflict of interest, but, IMO who cares..  That's not up to Them..  It's My money.. 
PayPal was also dictating what they'd let people buy..  I work in the electronic cigarette industry.. 
Paypal stopped letting people use its service to pay for e-liquid.. 
Paypal doesn't let people make certain 'gun' related purchases..  *Hit / Miss w/ different vendors..  

I pay for my Amazon orders using PayPal Now..  I just had to get a bit creative and find a loophole..  
PayPal Business-Debit MasterCard.  Yup,  that's the trick – using MC 'bypasses' PP's death-grip..  

Pretty lame..  

This Is Happening In the USofA  [Government / Constitution be damned in their minds] 
Sad But True.  And proven time and time again..  

Sam –