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Me personally..  

My Puncher Breaker went in to PA / AV for a new valve-stem, 
and out of impulse,  I hit up KRALE's site, and ordered an Artemis P15.. 
While I was there,  I spotted the PP700S-A, then the folding-stock, so I grabbed em' both..


Because I figured it'd be a great 'donor' to build a micro-bullpup-rifle out of.. 

Why else?

Because it looked like a killer little PCP Pistol, and in .22 [which is my preferred caliber]

Why else?

When it is configured as a 'shitty rifle',  it's like having a Poor Man's EgGun Leshiy..  
It's very accurate,  great shooting at my indoor 10m range,  and it's a Lot Of Fun! 


BTW,  the Extended Emperor V3 suppressor started out as a joke, 
but OMG did it make that thing quiet!!   😃


Sam –