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Thanks, all, for sharing the series of events with me. I’m finally home, in my own bed. Hotels are cool once in awhile, but it brought back memories of the many times I had to work out of town, and sure enough I couldn’t get to sleep any earlier than 2am. It’s good to be home. 

Never mentioned this, but the one thing that worried me this whole trip was a pin hole leak on the top of the overflow tank on my 2002 power stroke. I saw the leak two days before leaving, while I was doing an oil change, and rather than go buy a new overflow tank I used an epoxy that remained flexible when dry, is able to withstand water pressure, and has never given me unsatisfactory results, ever, until this time. Must be either the heat excess, chemical non compatibility with antifreeze, or both. So, every morning when I got up I had to top off the tank about 8 ounces before I hit the road. Truck never overheated, and I made it there and back, so all went well. 

Of course I fired off a whole magazine when I got home, just to see how the gun cycled and also to see if that FX moderator was good enough to my expectations of a quiet shot rapport. It actually was pretty good, for just a hollow tube. I think I’ll run with this for awhile, then maybe later on invest in a DonnyFL. 

As far as a DonnyFL for a 30 cal, what are you FX guys using on these wildcats or even your impacts, to really hush thingsnto the max? I heard it was the Ronin, but I’ve also heard there were a couple others. I’m not interested in anything long, as I’d like to keep it as short as possible, and keep the gun as light as possible.

Thank you.