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I ordered mine from the same seller [Nov. 26th 2K18]
Also the 'auto shutoff version', but lucked out and got mine for $242.50 

I've filled 5 pcp guns countless times, and, completely filled a 95 cf carbon fiber tank 
from 0psi to 4,700psi once, and have topped it back off when it drops to 200 bar several times..

The compressor has functioned perfectly so far.  

Only using the OEM cotton filter, OEM pump, and I run Royal Purple Compressor Lube..
I do have components to built another bigger / multi chamber / multi particle filter, 
again, I just have to get around to actually throwing it together and plumbing it in.. 

That said,  I think it's about time I should do the 1st oil-change..  Just to be on the safe side..  

So far – So good! 


Sam –