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Metallic lead, especially in the ground, isn't much of a concern.  The issue in Detroit was not metallic lead but lead-carbon compounds and other lead compound chemicals formed when ignorance drove Detroit water policy.

Picking up after yourself is probably the safest and most responsible method to mitigate lead-caused harm, but lead in soil is notoriously difficult for plants to absorb.  This makes lead remediation efforts more difficult but ensures lead in topsoil has close to zero impact on plant and animal life.

The biggest potential wildlife issue may be lead pellets in bird gizzards.  In order for that to have a long term effect one would have to shoot copious amounts of pellets into a small area large numbers of fowl frequented for picking stones. That seems unlikely, but picking up after yourself would definitely minimize that concern.

Washing your hands before eating is just good policy regardless of the activity.

A bucket of deformed lead pellets might be a welcome donation to someone who casts their own bullets.  One might try a gun club.